A big step: time to say goodbye to professional skiing Saturday, 23. May 2020

It is finally out! Today I officially stepped down from my skiing career.

I’m happy and know that I’m doing the right thing. Even though I feel a slight sense of melancholy. I am relieved and excited about my new freedom. I am also aware of what lies ahead and that this inevitably means I am closing the door on a chapter which, until now, took priority over everything else in my life.

For years I lived a life where sport stood above everything for me. I was able to live out my childhood dream and I am deeply appreciative of that. But I feel that now is the right time for me to take a step back. Even though I know I will need some time to adjust to my new life in the coming months, to settle in and learn how to navigate my new feeling of freedom, I am confident there are exciting times ahead of me. Until now I called ski racing my job. I have never done anything else or loved anything as much. The smell of fresh snow. Early mornings spent on the glacier. The Team. These are all things I will miss dearly. But, the training is hard, the travelling endless and being apart from loved ones for long periods of time incredibly tough. Not to mention the effects of various injuries. Looking back on it all, I now feel a little melancholic.

Foto: Mirja Geh

But isn’t that always the case when you embark on something new and unknown? Fear, doubt and the ever-present question of “where will this journey take me?”
Where will it take me? I don’t know for sure, but I will keep you posted.

Thank you for your kind words, all the good wishes and heartfelt greetings. I appreciate your endless support and am so grateful you have always believed in me.

I look forward to what lies ahead!

Anna makes Almsommer a summer hit Friday, 09. September 2016

It is well known that Anna has a soft spot for fashion and lifestyle. It is also known that Almsommer, the traditional fashion specialist from Austria, stands for design and quality. Therefore, it was clear that Anna would slip into the newest collection and model for the international campaign of the manufacturer from the Grossarl valley near Salzburg. She was showcased in all her stylish and snazzy glory, in the Großgmain open-air museum under a magnificent, sunny sky.

„The style of Almsommer is plain and simple. The values of the brand, such as down-to-earth, traditional, but also cosmopolitan and modern, nicely correspond to my own understanding and form an elegant unity together“, says Anna about Almsommer. Pink, water blue and petrol give the whole thing a trendy touch, while colours such as grey, brown and berry make the look perfect.

And are also a perfect match for Anna’s own style, as she feels visibly at home in the garments of Almsommer. The dirndl can in turn be wonderfully combined with different aprons, and appear either plain and simple or noble and elegant. Completely to personal taste. With all the flexibility and variability, durability in the face of changing times remains the secret of traditional fashion.

Photo: Almsommer

„For me, wearing our traditional dress is a personal expression of a sense of home, confidence and good taste.”

Anna Veith

Great honour and great emotions Wednesday, 11. May 2016

It is the best award Austria has to give to sportspeople: Anna is to receive the Grand Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic of Austria from Federal Minister Josef Ostermayer.

“Anna Veith is a great sportsperson who has impressed the whole of Austria with her success to date. She has done an important job internationally for the reputation of our country and because of her excellent service, she is a great daughter of Austria. I wish Anne Veith all the best for her comeback and her future,” said Federal Minister Ostermayer during the ceremony at the Federal Chancellery.

Ski legend Annemarie Moser-Pröll had previously stressed in her laudation that Anna Veith had achieved everything in skiing and has matured into a great personality. Today’s decoration of honour is a “well-deserved thank-you”.

Visibly moved, Anna received the award and emphasised how important moments like this are for her: “It shows what I fight for every day – namely to get back to where I once was. I would like to thank the Federal Republic of Austria for the great honour of receiving this award. There is no better point in time than today.”

Große Ehrenzeichen - Kanzleramtsminister Josef Ostermayer - Anna

„The greater the pressure was, the better you skied. Only the best can do that.“

Annemarie Moser-Pröll
Ski legend

Trust your heart and the rest is magic Saturday, 16. April 2016

Anna Fenninger wed her longtime boyfriend, Manuel Veith, in a private ceremony with family & friends on April 16, 2016 in South Tyrol, Italy.

When two times World Cup overall winner Anna Fenninger returns to competition at the start of the new ski season, she’ll be racing under a new name.

Ganz oder gar nicht – Anna hat sich getraut

“We got married. And when I return to the slopes, I will do that as Anna Veith. It is very important to me to take my husband’s name. For me, a sign of deep affection.”

Anna Fenninger
from now on Anna Veith

Vitamins for the comeback Wednesday, 09. December 2015

Rauch and Anna Fenninger will be racing off together in future. Their cooperation was made official at a press conference at the Rauch Juice Bar in Vienna.
The fruit juice company Rauch is supporting the Olympic Gold medallist and Overall World Cup winner in her comeback and is looking forward to their shared future. The family-owned company is expanding its circle by a valuable new team member.

Anna will appear as a brand ambassador for the fruit juice brand. Rauch has already been active in Alpine ski sport for years with happy day and would like to continue to strengthen the brand positively with this new commitment. Rauch will also accompany and actively support Anna on her ambitious road to a comeback.

Rauch - Vitamins for the comeback

“Our partnership has been planted in fertile ground, Anna and ourselves are connected by shared values. In a family, strong values are important such as cohesion, continuity and perseverance. You stick together through thick and thin.”

Dr. Daniel Wüstner
General Manager Sales & Marketing Rauch

Anna Fenninger becomes designer in support of cheetahs Friday, 16. October 2015

Anna Fenninger and Pepe Jeans London are cooperating to bring a limited edition of Pepe Jeans’ “Cheetah” onto the market. From each sale, 5 Euros go to the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF), a foundation for the protection of cheetahs, which Anna has been supporting very passionately for years.

Pepe Jeans London and the three-time World Champion and Olympic Gold medalist have already been working together for quite some time. For the first time, this cooperation is now being expressed in a creative form, with the jointly designed Pepe Jeans “Cheetah”. As the ambassador of the foundation, the protection of cheetahs is very dear to Anna’s heart, and this is now reflected in the design and details of the jeans. For example, there is a cheetah pattern on the top button of the trousers, while the right-hand belt loop has matching stitching. In addition, Anna’s personal logo is printed at the back on the jeans’ waistband.

“We are very happy to have been able to design a great pair of jeans with such a committed and likeable personality as Anna Fenninger. Anna Fenninger not only fits perfectly with our brand, but also motivates other people for important, long-term subjects such as species protection, for example, with her commitment to the Cheetah Conservation Fund”, says Michèle Strässle, Head of Marketing at Pepe Jeans London.

The “Cheetah” jeans are available from November in the Pepe Jeans stores and at many Pepe Jeans dealers. 5 Euros from the sale of each pair will be donated to the foundation “Cheetah Conservation Fund”.

Anna Fenninger und Pepe-Jeans

„I am very happy that my favourite jeans label is supporting me in my work for cheetahs. The specially designed Cheetah jeans impress with their perfect fit and special look. I have loved getting involved creatively with the design.“

Anna Fenninger


Anna Fenninger and Milka slice off into the future together. Friday, 25. September 2015

From now on, the Olympic Gold medalist will be going to the starting line with a purple helmet. Milka is especially happy that Anna is arriving on the scene in what is an anniversary year. Because Milka has been a firm part of ski racing for 20 years, bringing a touch of purple to the white slopes.

“Milka is a brand that I have grown up with, so I am very happy about this partnership”, says the 26-year-old. The new Milka brand ambassador continues: “It is great to know that from now on I have such a reliable partner standing by me.”
“It was important for us to point out why Milka and Anna are joining forces”, said Dieter Heger of Milka. In two teaser videos, that can already be seen, Anna grants insights into her considerations regarding new partners. The resolution, showing why Anna and Milka are now joining forces, will be released in the third part.

More at Milka Ski Stars

Foto: MILKA/Thomas Kettner

„In the context of our cooperation with athletes we are very proud of our new partnership with Anna Fenninger, currently the best woman ski racer. She fits perfectly with our brand, because Milka and Anna have values in common such as naturalness, authenticity and down-to-earthness. We look forward to our time together and to a valuable partnership with her.“

Dieter Heger
Head of Sponsoring Milka

Optimal protection, comfort and visibility with bollé Monday, 21. July 2014

Bushnell Eyewear will in the next four years be supporting the Overall World Cup winner Anna Fenninger with helmets and skiing goggles from bollé. The 25-year-old Austrian can look back on a sensational skiing season and was able to celebrate not only being on the top podium in the Overall World Cup but also Olympic gold in the Super G and silver in the giant slalom in Sochi.

Anna Fenninger: “For me it is important to be able to concentrate completely on the sport and to have an optimum of protection, comfort and visibility. That is why I am particularly happy to have found a partner in bollé that will accompany me in the future.”

Foto: BOLLE/Mirja Geh

„We are very much looking forward to equipping one of the world’s best ski racers with our products and to celebrating many successes together.“

Gernot Trebsche
Managing Director Bushnell Eyewear

Golden Lion Friday, 04. April 2014

Great moment for Anna Fenninger and her colleague Marcel Hirscher at the Leonidas award evening of the Salzburg News. Like in 2013 both have been elected “Athlete of the year”. Becoming Olympic Gold medalist and the Overall World Cup winner, it was obvious to be choosen as one of the winner for the golden Lion “Leonidas”.

Anna Fenninger - Goldener Löwe

Annas slalom colleague Marlies Schild got the lion in silver.

Olympic Gold and Silver Monday, 17. February 2014

In a thrilling race Anna Fenninger won the Super-G (Olympic Gold) at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in front of Maria Höfl-Riesch and her compatriot Nicole Hosp. Beside that she also won the silver medal in giant slalom the day before.

Foto: GEPA Pictures

So Anna finally travels home with a dream come true and two medals in her luggage.

Calendar for the benefit of the cheetahs Monday, 02. December 2013

Anna Fenninger recently visited the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) in Namibia. She once again found out about the CCF’s work for species protection and the conservation of the cheetahs’ habitat. Anna found these experiences and impressions in Namibia greatly moving: “It was really interesting to lend a hand myself and I hope very much that we will still be able to observe the animals in their natural habitat for a long time to come.”
As ambassador of the CCF, Anna has made it her personal aim to help this non-profit organisation. During her stay, the photographer Thomas Kettner took unique pictures of Anna with cheetahs. These have now been compiled in a calendar – kraFtwerk 2014.
The net profit from this calendar will go entirely to the CCF.

Kalender zugunsten der Geparden

„With the calendar we would like to draw attention to the difficult combination of coexistence between humans, especially farmers, and cheetahs, and hope that soon even more people will become interested in this.“

Anna Fenninger

My first World Cup victory Thursday, 29. December 2011

Now it has simply happened. My first world cup victory, and it was in the giant slalom. Who would have thought it? Yesterday was like a dream for me. To win at home in Austria is the most beautiful thing that there is! Thanks for your support, dear fans! Thank you for all your congratulations, messages, SMS and e-mails!

Mein erster Weltcup Sieg

“Incredible. Indescribable. Like a dream. Beautiful. Wonderful.!!”

Anna Fenninger