Anna makes Almsommer a summer hit Friday, 09. September 2016

It is well known that Anna has a soft spot for fashion and lifestyle. It is also known that Almsommer, the traditional fashion specialist from Austria, stands for design and quality. Therefore, it was clear that Anna would slip into the newest collection and model for the international campaign of the manufacturer from the Grossarl valley near Salzburg. She was showcased in all her stylish and snazzy glory, in the Großgmain open-air museum under a magnificent, sunny sky.

„The style of Almsommer is plain and simple. The values of the brand, such as down-to-earth, traditional, but also cosmopolitan and modern, nicely correspond to my own understanding and form an elegant unity together“, says Anna about Almsommer. Pink, water blue and petrol give the whole thing a trendy touch, while colours such as grey, brown and berry make the look perfect.

And are also a perfect match for Anna’s own style, as she feels visibly at home in the garments of Almsommer. The dirndl can in turn be wonderfully combined with different aprons, and appear either plain and simple or noble and elegant. Completely to personal taste. With all the flexibility and variability, durability in the face of changing times remains the secret of traditional fashion.

Photo: Almsommer

„For me, wearing our traditional dress is a personal expression of a sense of home, confidence and good taste.”

Anna Veith